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Harry Koundakjian, BSc. | Founder

Athlete, Partner, Father, 2 coffee and 1 tea / day drinker.

After building the personalized genetics market with players like 23andMe, Ancestry.com and the Mayo Clinic, I was challenged by the lack of translation from genetics to personalized products that people love. So we made that our mission. I then spent years on basic research, striving to learn everything about caffeine’s relationship with the body and the physical properties of taste with respect to coffee. We’ve placed coffee at the forefront of our business philosophy, through conducting a detailed survey to find the best customized beverage for your body. We know you’ll love our products, because we take the time to really get to know you – from your favourite flavors, right down to your DNA. This helps us build Beverage Genetics as the world’s first company to use science to ensure that you have the best possible experience – with the world’s most popular drinks.

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Nuria Elkout | Marketing Manager

Traveler, Hiker, Life-long-learner, 1+ wines / night drinker, 3+ coffees / day drinker.

I have spent time living and travelling around Latin America, where I was offered the opportunity to see and participate in the coffee-making process from beginning to end. This gave me a newfound appreciation of the intensive labour involved in making a beautiful cup of joe. Before getting involved with Beverage Genetics, I would travel significant distances to get the right cup of coffee from a café. When something feels as though it’s made just for you, it’s a unique and totally immersive experience. With Beverage Genetics, you can now guarantee that it is. That perfect cup of coffee can now be found in my own kitchen!

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Jamie Karam | Web Developer

I recently made a career change, venturing into the world of web development. I have previously worked in television broadcasting, with the Ottawa Senators and CTV News. I wanted to explore my creative side and apply it to a more technical area, and web development seemed like the perfect fit. This career transition has been fueled by countless pots of coffee. With long days studying over a keyboard, I’ve discovered that having the right brew is pretty important. When I’m not clickety-clacking away, I enjoy golf, hockey, and spending time with my family.

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Michael Kalyn, BSc., PhD Candidate | Scientific Project Manager    

While specializing in molecular biology at the University of Ottawa, I frequently find myself either in a café, or at least nearby a pot of coffee. We currently live in a world of personalized everything, from cosmetics to medicine, so why not add coffee into the mix? Here at Beverage Genetics, we construct a personal coffee blend based on your unique genetic makeup to optimize your caffeination situation. Project oversight via Dr. Marc Ekker Professor of Biology and Vice-Dean Research for the Faculty of Science, University of Ottawa.

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Malcolm Lamont, BSc., DipWSET, | Flavour Specialist   

I am a highly qualified wine education professional with a proven record of teaching methodology in varied classroom and online environments. Most days I'm found leading and inspiring students, and fellow educators on the great diversity of information on wine and it's amazing range of flavours. I'm excited to use my skills with the coffee community. Most other days, I'm either working on my Masters in Education, snowboarding, or spending time with my family.

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