Destroy the Data! – Beverage Genetics

Destroy the Data!

We're pretty worried about privacy. We're probably more worried than you, so here's how we're extra careful.

  1. We are so worried that we don't want to keep your genetic information or sample.
  2. We engage in lab practices that render the samples unreadable after we scan only a handful of genes (a couple letters in the cookbook to make you). We look at those two letters in the book, then we shred the book. At this point, we're not even willing to save your sample for any reason, and will destroy it all, even with consent. 
  3. We're going to ask you again, and again and again if it's ok to work with your genetics. We're also going to explain how we work with it and if that work changes. 

We're hoping that we will lead the change in the genetics community to never sell human data, and never use anonymised information  without your expressed and repeated approval. This behaviour puts us in a place where we are more respectful to the data than most research projects, forget about other private companies. 


Once we have your DNA sample it's barcoded, and only one person knows how to link your DNA data with the barcode number. Even then, we're trying to work with nerds to figure out how to eliminate even that person from being a liability. 

After barcoding, we scan the DNA using very simple lab techniques to highlight the the genes, or letters of interest. That data is immediately translated to a profile or coffee score and added to another separate, password protected account that hermetically maps the information. That coffee score isn't valuable for someone looking at DNA as it's been codified. 

Once we we have scanned the genes of interest - the obliterations begin. Simply put we trash the sh!+ out of it. Here's a video dramatization. There's two ways to do it but both have the same outcome. You heat up the sample till it's cooked, or you pour enough yucky chemicals on it to kill everything. You know that scene in Terminator 2 when the terminator gets dropped into the vat of hot liquid metal? That's what we do but with more tears, and less bada$$ Sarah Connor. Why am I describing this, here's the scene. We do that, but with your DNA sample and the data that can be linked back to your DNA. 


Please let us know if there are still concerns in the Contact Us section.