How it Works – Beverage Genetics

How it Works

We get it. You're used to your go-to to-go coffee. Change is tough. We're here to tell you that it gets better, and it's easy. You're only 2 steps away from better coffee selected based on your genetics.  

TLDR: Survey = good coffee match. Survey + Genetic information = best coffee match.  

We break it down into three easy steps outlined below. Step 4 is just step 2 over again with a twist. Get it - the double helix is twisted! No? Ugg, fine, whatever. 

1- Login / Survey

You'll need to create a login to conduct the survey and express consent to communicate. We save that information in your account and you have full access to it at all times. Name, email and captcha dance are necessary to access the survey. The survey should take about 3 minutes. Get your results right away! 

2- Try a coffee.

We can send you a coffee to try based on your survey results alone. The survey results are not as accurate as your genetic information since you can train yourself to "like" Brussels sprouts and claim that you like them because they're good for you. You knew as a kid you hated them, and the science tells us that. The genes for bitter taste will not have this nature driven change, as we're looking for the physical ability to taste bitter flavours.

3- Swabs.

Beverage Genetics, right? We'll have to collect genetic info at some point. You'll receive the swabs with your first bag of beans if you've consented to it. If you're unsure, or not ready for a genetic test, let us know and we can work with you to match you to a great coffee. We can send swabs anytime thereafter. Much more info in our privacy FAQ

4- Get a better coffee.

 Once we have your genes coded to your coffee score, we'll use that info to match you with a coffee that is more suited to your preferences. We'll also be able to make better recommendations on how many cups you can enjoy.  


That's the complicated version.🤓 There's much more information in the Knowledgebase, so check out the other posts and ask questions as they arise.