Beverage Genetics for Business

Beverage Genetics for Business

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We’ve adapted to the current home office while still allowing for the benefits of a shared company experience.

Want to buy coffee for your team?

  1. Manage your account by working with our coffee specialists to support your participating team members.
  2. Team members get a fully individualized experience. 
  3. After delivery, schedule a video call with your team and enjoy a delicious, customized coffee break. Or not... zoom fatigue is real. 

Want to go a little further? We can have a Barista or Roaster jump on your meeting to guide a tasting and answer any brew questions.

✓ Make working from home a delight by creating an unforgettable way to thank your team for their hard work.

✓ Increase team morale and productivity.

✓ Beverages designed for each individual’s genetic profile, everyone is happy with either coffee, tea or hot chocolate. 

✓ You choose the financial commitment! Or just steal it. 

Any questions? Let us know, and a representative will be in touch to discuss how we can work together.

Still reading? Us neither. Cool - more info on pricing below: 

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Package What's Included $/person
Bold Gold 3 months of unlimited beverages. Genetic testing, video information session with Barista / Roaster. Free drop-off, and shipping. Call
Sweet Silver 2 months of beverages. Free drop-off. 40
Beauty Bronze 1 month of beverages. Free drop-off. 25