The Problem – Beverage Genetics

The Problem

There are challenges regarding coffee, and how it's selected. We break it down in this post for you, so go get some coffee and enjoy the lows and highs. 

1 - Coffee contains caffeine, and we each process it differently. 

It's argued that coffee is the most popular drug in the world, and we process that drug differently. We all know that someone that can have 6 cups a day (even though it's recommended you have 4 cups or less if you're a healthy, non pregnant adult), and you can only have 1 cup. There are even differences between siblings, and between close relatives. What gives? It's mostly in your genes and how they tell your liver to process caffeine. So how do you deal with not knowing how much caffeine you take? It's pretty easy - have more or less coffee based on how you feel. Have too much - jitters, and the restroom scoot. Too little means headaches, and a premature nap. To confirm how much you should have that we're able to outline how much caffeine your body can process, and even make recommendations on higher and lower caffeinated coffee blends.  

2- Coffee is yucky. 

There's a reason why kids don't like black coffee. Caffeine is bitter. Coffee is bitter. We train ourselves to push past the bitter flavour, or add sugar and milk to decrease the bitterness of coffee. We do that because of point 1 - it gives us that little perk we need to mow the lawn, or finish that last question of chemistry homework. It's yucky, but it doesn't have to be. There's perfectly delicious coffee out there for you. BUT It can be tough to find though, so on to point 3. 

3 - There's a massive selection. 

Some retailers boast more than 400 types of coffee. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool .... so which one do you pick? Coffee somaliers aren't as popular as we'd like, and your local Barista might not want to join you at the grocery store. It's easy to get confused with the jargon too. Coffee is has been around for around 500 years, so there is naturally going to be jargon (honey process, bourbon, and the coveted God Shot) that adds to the confusion and keeps you from finding the best beans. Forget about the ordering jargon


The solution

We break down all these challenges by using the most established science technology to break down the barriers for between you and the best coffee. Check out our "How it works" page for more info on exactly how we do that. 



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