Newsletter #7: Local Brews and Great Values – Beverage Genetics

Newsletter #7: Local Brews and Great Values

We teamed up with local roasters and began our “Local Support” package. We also formed our company mission, goals, and values, which will help us build connections with our customers. 

In last month’s newsletter we talked about how our technology transitions to products. We sprinted towards product soft launches, and were proud to release our “Taster Packs”. These products deploy our technology to help customers select the right coffee for them from a local roaster.  

Partners - Just like coffee, we’ve carefully chosen Brown Bag and No Go as our first local roasters because they are progressive and supportive. Working with them we were able to categorize and integrate their coffee into our coffee selector. Our “Support Local” taster pack comes with one of their coffees. 

Mission - While our mission statement outlined in the table below highlights the near term plans. We found it easier to plan long term using the image below. Put another way - the V2MOM table supports growth over the next 3 years, the mission image below should guide principles over the next 5 - 10 years.







1- Use the best of science to provide informed choices for consumers. 

2- Educate customers to the joy that is locally and freshly roasted coffee.

3- Change the focus from companies dictating consumer choices, to empowering consumers to make the best choice for them based on their genetics.


People - Humans are responsible for the art, beauty and science associated with coffee.

Planet- The earth is the only source of coffee, limited to even the equator. Respect.

Profit- Profits are necessary to drive the research and development of processes that support people and the planet. 


Method 1: MVP - online survey to consumer profile results. (Newsletter, social media, web development, product development) 

Method 2: Applied science to the MVP. Apply data to improve existing processes.

Method 3:  Beautiful environmentally friendly educational interactions with customers.


  1. Obstacle 1: Budget
  2. Obstacle 2: Partnerships
  3. Obstacle 3: Competition


  1. Website signups 10 / month, 10 / week, 50/month, 100 / month 
  2. Orders 10 / month, 10 / week, 50/month, 100 / month 
  3. Operational efficiency improvements. 10% better every quarter. ( not too fast (expensive) or too slow(boring))
  4. New Partnerships - 2 / month. Roasters, Advertising opportunities 


What’s next? 

1- Operations, workflow design, and customer journey associated with new products. 

2- Labels / packaging update

3- Customer facing product pages

4- Social media engagement

5- Communications / press releases  


Lessons Learned

Ask for help and see what happens. 

Never stop customer validation.

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